Please fill in the necessary information in the form below and wait for e-mails with notifications about the progress of the processing and the result of the reservation.

If you wish to reserve a table of your choice, or a specific table for pool/carom, write it in the message in the reservation (“Add a message” option). If you indicate the number of your preferred table, we will try to accommodate you if the desired table is free at the time you specified.

Additionally, please specify the duration of your reservation for a pool table, as we have introduced time slots due to high demand. If you do not indicate the duration of your reservation, you will be assigned a time slot of 2 hours automatically*. After each time slot, subsequent reservations will be accepted. Please note that during peak times, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, it may not be possible to extend your reservation on the spot.

*Our billing system for billiards remains unchanged. The hourly rate is the basic billing unit and time is billed in minutes. If you choose to play for less than the entire time slot of two hours, we will only charge you for the actual time spent playing from the moment of rental to the point of return of the game set.

For those who have not yet visited us, or do not remember the necessary information, a little help (the picture is not interactive, it is only for orientation):

By submitting a reservation, you agree to the processing of the entered personal data. This data will be used exclusively for the purpose of processing the reservation by our staff and is not provided to any third party.

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