Fancy a Jägermeister?

Fancy a Jägermeister?

Try a shot of Manifest for a special price!

Made from the original

The starting point for Jägermeister MANIFEST is the original recipe. It also contains the base for Jägermeister, which consists of 56 selected botanicals and is aged for around 12 months in large oak casks to create a balanced blend.

New base, longer aging in barrels

Fine wheat distillate, which is obtained from whole wheat grains, serves as the basis for Jägermeister MANIFEST. This base acquires its character by slowly aging in small opalescent oak barrels for 15 months. Thanks to the maturation process, Jägermeister MANIFEST acquires its distinctive oak barrel vanilla aroma and smoky undertones.

Higher content of plant ingredients

One more macerate plus other plant ingredients is added to Jägermeister MANIFEST, resulting in a distillate with more than twice the plant content of the original blend. The special fifth macerate is extracted using matured distillate from fine wheat. He refines the sophisticated alcohol mixture and gives MANIFEST its complex, yet harmonious taste, highlights the barrel aroma and a new fruity nuance.